CDNE is a new and exciting organisation based in the North East of England delivering cycling based coaching, sports development and events.  We are passionate about encouraging people of all ages into cycling whether recreationally, commute or sports and competion.

We deliver these objectives through our team of of experienced Coaches with years of knowledge, enthusiasm and understanding of Cycling and its related disciplenes, through our voluntary work for and with the National Governing Bodies.

We support people to develop themselves into better cyclists across all cycling disciplines. As an example one of our  current focuses  is to attract young people into the sport and develop them as athletes.  This is delivered through our dedicated academy sessions, local auhorities, work within local schools, universities, businesses and support to British Cycling via race promotion and our support for our Cycling Club.

We work with cyclists of all ages and abilities to simply make them better more confident cyclists and to provide events that support these aims.

We are pleased to announce that we have just helped launch a new club and racing team.  The  BC powered Website is HERE. we have members from across the North East and aim to provide a unique family friendly environment that brings out the best performance from any of our young riders that have ambition to compete at regional and national level.