Prissick Youth Wednesdays

Our Wednesday Coaching Sessions have now finished for the Summer.  They’ll be back in the Autumn.  We’ve now moved to Thursday Evenings Crit Racing for the Spring and Summer.

Our Wednesday Evenings Coaching Sessions run from September up to Xmas  and start again in the New Year..  The sessions run from 6.30pm to 8.30pm and the session price are £5 fro coached or £3 for uncoached. The track is open to the public before 6:30pm so if you can get down sooner and get a good warm up.

Adults are welcome to come along to make up numbers. These are usually parents or older club members that are fairly new to the sport (contact us if you are interested in joining in).

What are the ideas behind the sessions?

To create a focal point within the region for youth U12, U14, U16 and Junior riders to meet and keep in touch over the winter period, to give advice and create a mentoring mentality from the older and more experienced riders. Riders will feel more comfortable riding in big bunches that do not currently exist in NE youth racing and give riders the confidence to race at either regional level or above.

This season we will be moving the training and coaching on with some supervised peer  coaching (more details to follow).  The first couple of weeks will probably be some racing and benchmark timetrials.  Towards the end of the sessions in March 2013, we’ll start to look at race preparation, including advice and guidance.

Adults might be surprised at the speed and intensity of some of the sessions and many will clearly benefit from the skills development sections that develop handling skills, core strength and technique.

What will the sessions look like?

The sessions run every wednesday night at the Middlesbrough Cycle Circuit at Prissick. The timings will be a 6.30pm start and looking to finish around 8:30pm. However, if you can’t make the  start, just get along when you can and get stuck in!  As the sessions progress and grow, more specific issues will be looked at.

What will I need to bring?

  • Road bike in good working order
  • Helmet,
  • Cycling clothing to take into account all weather conditions and a change of clothing. Some LED lights. Nothing that will dazzle the other riders.
  • Bottle and snacks.

The sessions will cost £5 per rider.

And Finally…  Your Club Coach! The more coaches we have the better, get yours along and on their bikes!