February Half-Term Spanish Training Camp

We’re finalising arrangements for the February 2015 Training Camp.  By now flights should have been booked, payments made, insurance and EHIC in place.

Chosen for its varied terrain, bike friendly locals and fantastic micro climate. with a number of ride options from self guided with the aid of a map to fully lead rides. No one will be left to fend for themselves and bunches will be formed based on ability and your personal preference for a hard or easy ride on each day.

We can do airport pickups from Alicante and Murcia.  You will need to let us know which flights you are on.

Everyone will need to provide their own holiday insurance and to bring their European Health Insurance Card.

We will also transport a number of bikes and some kit (helmet and shoes only, no big bags) to and from Spain.  This will save you the worry and cost of flying with them or with too many people on one flight bikes might be refused carriage!

The CDNE Spain Training Camp Induction.  Please pay careful attention to what to bring and how to pack your bike sections..

We also require:
Parental Consent Form
Photographic Consent Form
All young people and parents will be expected to sign the Code of Conduct.
Code of Conduct

Forms can be returned by email or hand.  But we must have them by Friday 6th February. In the absence of a signature, the emailing of the forms will constitute the acceptance of the terms and correct information.

We would also like ALL riders to complete the attached form so that we can distribute a contact list and have emergency details for all riders. 

Rider Contact Details & Emergency Contacts